Thursday, June 05, 2008

More Calorimetries

These three are done with TOFUtsies sock yarn. All the sock yarn ones are done on size 2 needles. The pattern was linked in the previous post but here it is again if you missed it.

Red/pink one:
136 sts. 10 markers each side.

128 sts. 10 markers each side.

144 sts. 11 markers each side.

This one is Crystal Palace's Panda Cotton sock yarn. It was some elastic in it. This yarn was fairly splity and completely unplied itself when I was doing the sewn bind off. But I did like the softness and how the stitches looked on the finished piece. 128 sts. 10 markers each side.

This is the only worsted weight one of the bunch. This is Tess Designer yarns superwash worsted weight I had leftover from a project a few years back. This yarn is super soft! Size 5 needles. 88 sts. 9 markers each side.

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