Saturday, February 25, 2006

I also knit a bunch of little socks for Christmas ornaments this year. They didn't all get their pictures taken unfortunately. Some were pairs crocheted together. And some were just mini Christmas Stockings stuffed with chenille stem candy canes.

I used the smallest numbers in the Cool Socks Warm Feet (Basic Sock pattern) for those. Size #1 dpn. One stocking pictured is my first attempt at doing mosaic knitting.

I even kitchenered the toes! I love doing the kitchener technique thanks to the video linked to the right and Queen Kahuna's mantra "Opposite On".

Here's the second pair of Christmas socks that I knit. They belong to my sister. She picked out the beautiful Fortissima Colori Sock Color (Schoeller-Stahl). Color #9072.

This is just a plain 2x2 ribbing on the cuff and down the instep. I followed the pattern on p.39 of Cool Socks Warm Feet by Lucy Neatby.

This pair was a Christmas gift I made for our elderly neighbor and the first pair of man's socks that I knit. His floors are so freezing cold!

I used the Waffle Rib Pattern (p. 38 of Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch). Yarn is Sisu in grey.

I don't have any notes for my Regia Socks. Hmm...I do know they were done toe up just like the previous pair, same heel, but 2x2 ribbing up the whole cuff. I think the bind off for these was from the book Simple Socks: Plain & Fancy by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts, p. 51. I learned how to weave in my ends in this book too on p. 53. Yes, yes...after my memory came back below this is it exactly. I did that bind off on my dd's legwarmers also.

You may have noticed I'm not too hung up on my socks being identical. In this case I remember doing one sock from the inside of the skein and the other from the outside.'s coming back. This was my first attempt at two socks at once on two Addi #1 circular needles. (Note sizing: Addi #1= 2.5mm, US#1=2.25mm) I'm not too excited to do two at once....too much dropping and picking up the yarn for my tastes. Plus if I want to do mindless knitting while doing something else this isn't the ticket for me. So half way through the foot I switched to my bamboo #1 dpn. The Addis, however, kept working with my dd who had decided to knit herself a pair of legwarms in Knitpicks Parade. So now she too can knit in the round on two circulars. I'm trying to convince her socks are not that hard!

Here's my first attempt at toe up. Used Denise's Toe up sock to start. Then "You're Putting Me On" pattern for gussets. Did some wacky experimenting on the cuff stitches. Crochet bind off from Twisted Sisters Sock Book p. 71.

Plymouth Sockotta: 45% Cotton, 40% wool, 15% Nylon. Color #502. #1 needles.

Then there is this sad sad pair. My only pair with a short row heel. They are too loose. Even so they are on my feet as I type. #2 needles. 72 st. 2x2 rib for 1.5". Stockinette for 63 rows for a 7" cuff. Helen Griffin Heel to 10 st. (notes to not go so low next time). Stockinette foot. Think round toe decrease. Yarn: Lang Jawool Superwash. Color: 83.0051 (Blue/grey tweedy)

I don't have a picture of the very first pair I made. Magic Stripes: Blue and Teal - Size 3 needles. Ended up at my mom's because they were too big for me. (Update: Mom sent the socks over for a photo shoot.)

But made another pair for me with the purple/navy Magic Stripes - Size 3 needles (#2 on the ribbing). 56 stitches.
Generic Pattern. They fit ok and I wear them just as much as the other socks I've made for myself. I prefer the finer stitches of a size 0 or 1 needle though. Also the yarn seems thicker than the other sock yarns I've used. I like the thinner yarn better. IF, big IF, I ever make a sweater it will be in a finer or fingering weight and knit in the round...seaming sweater pieces scares me! I have my eye on the Wonderful Wallaby but that's done in worsted weight. May have to try a kid's size with worsted and then figure the pattern for finer yarn for me. But I've got other socks lined up at the moment.

Here's another pair done with the same Cable Rib Pattern as the pair for dd#1. (Interweave Knits - Spring 2005 issue) I did this pair first and included the cable in the cuff area only...not down the foot.

I'm finding I haven't kept very good track of the yarns and patterns as I had intended to do. (One of the primary reasons for this blog is to have a picture diary of my/our projects.) So after another trip to the basement.....I've found this yarn was Lang Yarns: Jawoll Cotton Superwash. Color 88.0052.

I'm not posting these projects in the order they were knit. But this was the first sock I knit that when I put them on I said "WOW! They fit perfectly!"

Friday, February 24, 2006

Also with Tess' Designer yarns

Here's a baby snuggle size blanket (or for in the car). It's knit with the Superwash Merino. Very soft yarn! It measured about 32" on the diagonal.

And I knit up some baby socks with the matching Super Sock yarn. One regular pair and one spiral pair for a longer fit. (The smaller pair didn't fit so I'll crochet a chain and they'll become a Baby's First Christmas ornament.)

Oh and a hat made from Snuggly Bubbly! My dh insisted on that yarn. It is also very soft. These were all done in Jan 2006.

The first picture shows the bands I made to wrap around each item with the care information, etc..

The new parents were thrilled!

Socks for dd#1

And so you don't think dd#1 didn't get any's proof. She picked out of my stash and ended up with Tess Designer Yarns -Super Socks. It's very soft and beautiful to knit. The color isn't marked on the ball band. I'm thinking it is Caribbean Waters. Used the Cable Rib Socks pattern in Interweave Knits (Spring 2005) magazine....but omitted the cable.

Socks for dd#2

Whew....this is going to take forever downloading the images with dialup!

Dd#2 socks. Same pattern (as previous post) and yarn (only in blues). No notes on the number of stitches...guess I'll have to count sometime....ok,'s 72 st. #1 dpn.

Socks for dd#3

Here's a pic of my first pair of socks I ever knit. Dd#3 was the lucky recipient...she loves purple! It was just going to be a guage swatch but then realized they'd be the right size for dd#3 so continued on to the heel, foot and toe. She wore them a few times with a rolling cuff. She didn't like that so I picked up around the cuff and added a 1x1 rib. Actually I bought 0000 needles and slid them through the cuff stitches then undid the cuff a bit then started the ribbing on #1's. Prior to this sock I had only done dishclothes and a ton of scarfs.

These were done in Spring 2005. Generic pattern here from HJS Studio. Cascade Sassy Stripes Sock Yarn. Co 60 st. on #1 dpn.

Finally....I've done it!

Ok...starting the blog was painless. Now to figure out the rest!