Saturday, February 25, 2006

I don't have a picture of the very first pair I made. Magic Stripes: Blue and Teal - Size 3 needles. Ended up at my mom's because they were too big for me. (Update: Mom sent the socks over for a photo shoot.)

But made another pair for me with the purple/navy Magic Stripes - Size 3 needles (#2 on the ribbing). 56 stitches.
Generic Pattern. They fit ok and I wear them just as much as the other socks I've made for myself. I prefer the finer stitches of a size 0 or 1 needle though. Also the yarn seems thicker than the other sock yarns I've used. I like the thinner yarn better. IF, big IF, I ever make a sweater it will be in a finer or fingering weight and knit in the round...seaming sweater pieces scares me! I have my eye on the Wonderful Wallaby but that's done in worsted weight. May have to try a kid's size with worsted and then figure the pattern for finer yarn for me. But I've got other socks lined up at the moment.

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