Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mitten Toes!

Another pair of socks finished!

These are in Trekking XXL (color 71). Guage 10st/inch. CO 70 st. to Addi Turbo #0's (2 circs-one sock on each pair of needles). The cuff and lacy leg pattern is from Crazy Toes & Heels Book, p. 64. (Yarn overs and K2tog/SSK in the knit part of the ribbing on row 3 of a 4 row pattern.) The heel flap is the Eye of Partridge with the slipped stitches slipped as if to knit. It is hard to *see* the pattern with the dark yarn but I like the feel of the fabric. I continued the lace pattern down the instep...however lacy #0 needles with sock yarn can be. You can sort of see my skin through the teeny holes.

Then I started on the toes. Let's just say I'm not afraid of ripping out and/or tinking many rows to experiment with new techniques. I wanted to try making mitten toes since such a pair has been requested for dd#3 and I'd rather experiment with my own socks/toes first. I eventually ended up taking off 10 st. on each needle to save for the big toe. I cast on 10 st in between the big toe and second toe and knit around decreasing only on the pinky toe side until almost done. I kept track of rows and continued to try them on just about every other row to get them the right length. Kitchenered off. Then back to the big toe. Put the 10 st back on 2 circs and picked up 14 st between the toes...seemed like a good number to avoid holes. Did some decreasing at the top of the big toe and kitchenered off. Ditto for the left foot...except I found out my left foot is bigger by a few rows.

I'd say they are pretty comfy and fun to wear! And I'd be willing to knit them again...second and third time should be easier, right?