Wednesday, February 27, 2008

MonthlyDishcloths for February

I joined Monthly Dishcloth yahoo group. These are the two cloths for February. Dd#1 knit the Valentine Candy box cloth. The picture is of the reverse side but I like that side better. I did the striped one. Both are larger and bulkier than I like to use. Regardless I liked both patterns and they could be tweaked for the thinner cotton I prefer.

Christmas knitting DONE!

It took about 7 days per sock but they are done!

In the previous blog entry I mentioned that these are Roza's Socks from Interweave Knit. I didn't mention that the pattern is written for knitting them cuff to toe. I did these from toe to cuff. I used the general method from Crazy Toes and Heels and just inserted the stitch pattern from the Roza's socks with some tweaking to fit the recipient. The fit is perfect.

Here are the notes (in blue) I put in my Ravelry entry. If you own the Crazy Toes and Heels book the notes will make sense. If you don't own it, I highly recommend the book for making socks that fit....any yarn, any needles.

I’m doing these toe up on 2 circs. Crazy Toe and Heel style.

Aloha cast on: 9 Inc to 35 sts. Even round. Increase round: 2 sts on each end of heel needle only. Stitches on instep: 35. On heel: 37. Total: 72. One more plain round then begin pattern st on instep.

Row 55 start gusset inc. At 15 sts start slip st heel. At 21 sts end. 4 plain rounds. (94 rows)

Heel to 11 sts.

Cuff: Row 35 add one st on knit rib #’s 2&5 (both needles) 76 sts. Row 55 add one st on knit rib #’s 3&4 (both needles) 80 sts.

Round 71: p 72: k 73: p

Increase 1 st in knit ribs 1&6 (both needles) using kf/b as increase. This is now plain 4X3 rib. 16 rows.

First sock done Feb 17th. Cast on #2 Feb 18th. Second sock done Feb 25th.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Christmas Knitting...still

Another pair of socks done. These are a Christmas (2007...yes, I know I'm late) present to my brother-in-law. They aren't much different than the pair for my dad (see two posts below) so I tried to take a picture to show the true color vs. showing the sock. I think this picture captured the color (dark charcoal) pretty well. These are off to be washed so they are ready when we see him next week.

This is my last pair of Christmas socks. They are for my mom. I'm using the Roza's sock pattern again from Interweave Knitter Spring 2007. I love this pattern. The purl stitches turn out so pretty. I've had to tweak the pattern a bit for fit. But once the math is/was done it should be a fairly quick knit.

The plan was to do a felted bag with yarn she already had in her stash. But the yarn didn't cooperate. So the back up plan was socks.