Monday, October 29, 2007

My Traveling Socks

These finally got finished! They've traveled there and back again.

I started with a pattern from More Sensational Socks but ended up starting over and doing just a generic rib. I think dd#1 will be wearing these the most.

This was Socks that Rock - lightweight yarn that I purchased at Stitches Midwest 2006.

The hanger sock blockers are new...bent them just today. Thought that'd work ok for taking pictures.

Now I've got to figure out what will be my next traveling sock many choices....

Baby Booties

Here's a picture of the finished booties. The pattern is here.

I think the pattern gets obscured with this yarn...although this yarn is VERY soft.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sugar'n Cream Stripes

I had to give this yarn a try...

And I've gotten the second baby mitt done and one of the booties. One to go. Pictures will be posted when finished.

And I finished my last crocheted potholder this week too!
(no pics of that)

Two Color Hat

The Two-Color Hat is finished!

Here are my notes:
Make it like store bought hat...except do in the round.

(I used Yarn Harlot's "Knitting Rules" for basic directions.)

Oct 12th...did swatch. Andean Treasure is *so* soft!

Cast on green 112 sts. Size 2 needles.
1. 4 rows 2x2 rib green
2. 2 rows rib blue
3. 4 rows rib green
4. 6 rows rib blue
5. 3 rows rib green

Change to size 3 needles for stockinette sts in blue.

Knit until hat equals length of hand of hat wearer.

No swirl decrease...

1. Decrease round: K3, k2tog (around),
knit even 3 rounds.
2. Decrease round: k2, k2tog (around),
knit even 2 or 3 rounds.
3. Decrease round: k1, k2tog (around),
knit even 2 rounds.
4. Decrease round: k2tog (around),
knit even 1 or 2 rounds.
5. Repeat decrease round 4 until 6
stitches remain. Kitchener.

Finished Oct 21st.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


My dd#2 has a favorite knit hat. It is store bought and has seams. The seams make the hat look funny when worn. I think so anyway! So I promised that I'd make a hat for her just like the store bought one except NO seams.

This hat is in Andean Treasure (Knitpicks) and is super soft.

This next hat is for my cousin's friend who is having a baby in December. Free Pattern Here. This yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Bubbly. I was only able to get one skein of pink so I am also using white because she wanted a hat....a pair of baby mitts (one done)....
and a pair of baby booties (soon to be started).

I'd have to say that I'm not overly fond of this yarn even though it is super soft.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Jaywalkers done!


I had issues with this sock...too loose....too tight....way too much ripping back. One whole cuff, one whole foot and about 3" of the other foot.

But they are done and my dd loves them and I finished them in time for the game tonight. All I had left to do this morning was to Kitchener the toes big deal there.

I ended up doing a plain stockinette stitch foot. The toes are decreased on the pinky toe side. So they are left foot/right foot socks.

I used size 0's with 84 sts.
(Tried 1's but the socks were too big)
Zwerger Garn Opal Krokodil / Crocodile sock yarn.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Progress....or not!

The Eesti Trail Hiking socks got ripped back....

I had the heel completed. The decrease for the gusset stitches was I searched online for pattern errata. Well....I found the errata but it was for the charted color work in the middle of the leg which, of course, was done. Bummer! So I ripped out the gusset, the heel and the color work.

As for the gusset....I never found an errata for that. But it's a mistake none the less. The pattern has you decrease 4 sts on the first round after picking up the sts along the heel flaps...and two sts on each side of the instep. The pattern says "dec 2 sts".

So when I reknit this I will decrease 4 sts on the first round...that helps with the holes that sometimes appear in those corners. But then on the other decrease rounds I will only decrease on the heel needles....not the instep needles also.

I cast on for the Jaywalkers Socks. They are for dd#1 and I'm hoping to finish them by next Friday. One cuff is done and the other is about 1.5 inches. Luckily she wants short cuffs. They are in the high school's colors (even though we homeschool). She's going to the Homecoming game and wants to dress in school colors.