Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Knitted Lacy Round Dishcloth

This Knitted Lacy Round Dishcloth is a free pattern from Knitting Knonsense.

It is a fairly fast knit and looks beautiful.

I decided to use Euroflax Linen for this cloth so it wouldn't get too big. I knit this on size 3 needles. It's about 9 1/2" in diameter.

I did the kitchener stitch incorrectly. I used the reverse stockinette method on this cloth. But I've already made another cloth and used the garter stitch kitchener. (That link is a PDF download)

It really needed to be blocked. Here's a picture of it blocked on my 0000 needles:
Knitted Lacy Round Dishcloth

Blogger wouldn't download that picture (having hiccups or something) so this picture is downloaded from flickr. You can see a larger picture if you click on this and then the "all sizes" link above the flickr picture.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Elfin Lace Scarf

This scarf has been finished for some time...the knitting anyway.

I finally blocked it yesterday! I used blocking wires for the first time. Wow! They worked great!

It is about 10 1/4" wide and about 5 feet long (or so).

The pattern (for the cloth) is here.

I made it the same width as the cloth just kept on knitting the length.

The cashmere is from Belisa Cashmere, Bundanoon, NSW, Australia. This was purchased at Stitches Midwest 2006. (I used size 5 needles.)

I decided not to add a border on the bottom/top edges. I like it as it is. I was also going to try to reverse the pattern so the hearts would go the same direction but I didn't do that either. So now it is hearts on one side and spades down the other. Just need some diamonds and clubs...

Scrumptious Shagged Slipper Socks

The girls have outgrown the felted slippers my dsis made for them. (Actually dd#1 wore her slippers so much that she's worn the bottom through...several times...she keeps needle felting over the holes.) So this time was my turn. They decided they want slippers like daddy.

This is a fast easy knit with two strands of Cascade 220 held together throughout. The shagging is easy peasy and makes a very soft cushion to walk on. I've got some inside of the slipper pictures here in case you don't know what shagging is...besides the slang meaning! :blush:

And speaking of slippers...I am sporting a very lovely purple pair of Fiber Trends Felted Clogs that my dsis so kindly knit for me. Thank you so much! They really keep my feet warm!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Another Tribble

Here's another Tribble I made with leftover purple Sugar'n Cream and some 1" strips of purple tulle held together.

The tulle isn't called for in the pattern but it does add some scrubbie-ness to it.

The first and last stitch is knit without the tulle. This kept the edge stitches from being too thick when gathering to close.

I also used separate lengths of yarn to pull the holes shut tightly. Then tied a knot and hid the ends inside.

Sugar'n Cream Stripes - Potholders

Thought I'd give the Sugar'n Cream Strips a try with the diagonally crocheted potholders. Yeah...looks nice I think!

I think I'll make them a set with the dishcloths a few blog entries below.