Thursday, June 29, 2006

Memorial Day projects!

These two pair of Scrumptious Shagged Slipper Socks were started and completed on Memorial Day weekend. They are a *his* and *her* pair given to my in-laws on Father's Day. The paint on the bottom of the slipper is "Dip it" bought at Home Depot. I stuffed plastic bags into the slippers and used a disposable foam brush to apply the stripes of paint. It is rubbery when dry.

The yarn is Cascade 220. Two skeins of gray were enough for both slippers. I also bought two skeins of the blue and the pink. I've got a full skein of the pink left.

The blue are large women size and the pink are large child size. They appeared to fit my in-law's feet ok. This picture is a bit misleading on the sizes. The one pink one is inside out so you can see the shagging on the bottom.

It's a great pattern and a quick knit. I'd recommend these slippers to anyone who would like to walk around on a cloud (with warm feet)!

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Marie N. said...

Those look great! You, or at least I, cannot have too many pairs of slippers.

When I've made felted slippers they have been so nice, but not too durable. I appreciate the tip about the Dip It treads you added to the soles.