Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Little Bunnies!

Here's a project that my dd#1 quickly whipped up for a gift for the baptism of twins (besides a pan of lasagne for the mom and dad--that I made).

The Knitted Bunny is an easy project. Just knit a square! Well......and some ears...and we knit a tail instead of pulling out a bit of fluff. We also knit collars in the contrasting colors. (Just a 4 or 5 stitch i-cord, knit to fit.)

Instructions for tail:
CO 5
1: k
2: k2, p, k2
3: Repeat rows 1 & 2, 5 times more (6 times total)
4: ssk, k, k2tog
5: k, p, k
6: sl 1, k2tog, psso
7: cut yarn & pull through last st.

We did the ears this same way except we did a total of 8 repeats of rows 1 & 2.

This yarn is Schoeller + Stahl, Hobby Kids Color, color 4669 and 4666. We picked up a pink (4664) yesterday at the yarn store to make another for the older (3yo) sister. She has captured one of the twin's bunnies and it's living in her purse!

Thank you to Michelle, the owner at Loose Ends Yarn Shop, for recommending this pattern! It is fun to see the bunnies come to life!

A World of Wallabies

Finally! I've waited and waited for this post. The plan for this summer was to complete the four Wallabies. Mine has already been posted on this blog...not too long ago on August 3rd.

The next one I completed was for dd#2 since the yarn had to be ordered for the other two.

This one is in Cascade 220 color #9326 (denim). It's a child's size 12. Needles were sizes 6's and 8's. I did go into the 5th skein just a little.

Once the yarn came in for the other two, I decided to do the smaller one first. Dd#3 choose a sky blue (Cascade 220 #7815). This is a size 8. A little big right now...but I was hoping the sweater would fit for a few years.

Dd#1 chose a dark green (Cascasde 220 #9448). It is an adult medium (room to grow) and the body is an extra inch longer per dd's request. She was disappointed that her's wasn't done when we went to see "Julius Caesar". I finished this one at 10pm the night before we went to see "Romeo and Juliet".

We all wore them to the play...long sleeve undershirt, turtleneck and jacket...and we were very comfortable. My legs on the other hand could have used a layer of wool...and is where my "just in case" jean jacket ended up. I'll have to knit little wool lap blankets for next year...that'd be easier than knitting long underwear! My cuddle duds weren't enough.

These aren't fancy sweaters. I see them as a knit sweatshirt jacket. These are perfect for running around outside or sitting by a campfire. At first my dd's were leary about wearing them to play in since they are hand knit by mom. I reassured them that this is indeed why I knit them. Anything I knit I intend for the item to be used and loved. It may cause them to wear out or get a hole but that is the purpose...not to sit in a drawer to be pulled out and looked at when company comes over! Use the darn things!

**getting off my soapbox**

One would think this is enough Wallaby knitting dh has been wondering where his is! So last night I cast on for his. He chose the same color as mine. I was thinking of doing the overlapping placket for his so it will be easier to tell them apart at a glance. He, at first, didn't want the hood but has decided to keep it on...perhaps he noticed how comfortable I was at "Romeo and Juliet" with my hood up!

Austermann Step Socks

This is the yarn with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil.

The color...hmmm....can't seem to find the ball band. They are grey, denim and mellow moss green.

I did these toe up Queen Kahuna style on two size 0 Addi Turbo circular needles.

These are VERY comfortable socks!

I wore these to the APT to see the play "Julius Caesar" and we got drenched! Even though the socks were soaking wet (read: puddles in my shoes) they were extremely soft and my feet were not cold in the least little bit (it was about 60 degrees that day).

APT is a great place to see a Shakespearean play. We saw "Romeo and Juliet" just last week. WOW! It was fantastic! (I wore the same socks...the weather was in the 50's and feet were cozy!) We saw MacBeth last year and that is what got us hooked. We haven't seen any of the plays at night *yet*. The nighttime performances are reportedly out of this world....even better than the daytime ones. Inconceivable!