Thursday, April 26, 2007

Favorite Socks - New Interweave Press Book

I bought this book at my favorite LYS where she's doing a sock a month from this book for the next six months (with the possibility of doing more after that).

This sock is on page 69....Meida's Socks.

It looks much prettier in a solid color but I had this yarn in my stash and thought I'd give it a try.

The lace pattern is really easy to read and do from memory. The box on page 70 describing how to do the Estonian Cables without a cable needle is well written. I did hold the bottom of the stitches that are let loose temporarily with my left thumb nail. This helped me to get the loose stitches back on the needle.

These socks are in limbo at the moment. I'm a little short on the yarn and not excited about this yarn with this pattern.

The next sock is the Two-Yarn Resoleable Sock on page 47. I've got my homework done and can't wait to see how to do the sole!

Knitting Pure & Simple

This is Knitting Pure & Simple's pattern no. 241
Neckdown V Neck Shaped Cardigan

I knit this cardigan in Berrocco's Ultra Alpaca (color #6287, 6 skeins)....a Christmas present from my parents.

It was a very quick knit. I think it only took about 2 weeks to knit this up.

I did increase the rows of seed stitch on the bottom of the sweater. It called for an inch but I did more like an inch and a half (also on the cuffs to match). The sleeves I tweeked a little too since my gauge must have been a little tighter. In the upper arm I didn't do the last decrease. So when I got to the bell sleeves I didn't do the last increase either.

The sweater isn't really crooked. I lean to the right (in more ways than one!). Plus it looks like it could have been adjusted on my shoulders better. Next time I'll hire a professional to take the picture.....Not!

It is very comfortable and *soft*. If you get a chance to touch some Ultra Alpaca you'll see what I mean by soft.

I've been wearing it *a lot*!!! I anticipate being able to wear it all summer...especially in air conditioning!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

If Momma's happy, everyone is happy

I thought these were already posted...guess not.

These were made for the twins who were born in August. (friends of ours at church)

The magazine pictures are on a half of a colored file folder (tacked with stick glue) and covered with clear contact paper. We used a twisted cord from the yarn that we used to knit the bunnies (also a gift to the twins and shown in another post). The cord goes around the seat/headrest of the car so the babies can "talk" to the pictures while riding around in the car.

There are more pictures on the flip side of each.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Cashmere Scarf

My mom and I went to Stitches Midwest last year with our LYS. This laceweight cashmere yarn was something my mom bought (it came with a free pattern). She didn't enjoy knitting with such thin yarn on such slippery needles (addi's) so in frustration she threw it my way.

I cast on.....I didn't mind it at all. It was a nice break from sock knitting. And for her birthday this year I knew exactly what to give to her.

Marie, thanks for asking about the size. That would be nice to know. I called my mom and she'll measure it. The other pictures I had were not that great. I had dried it on bath towels...note to prettier bath towels for drying knit items. I wanted to get a picture of my mom wearing it and I did have a chance yesterday but spaced out. called it is 12" x 55".

More socks done

Here's another pair of socks made with Mountain Colors Bearfoot Yarn. This color is called Steelhead.

Done Crazy Toes & Heels method.

This time I added a cable going up the inside and outside of the leg. You can barely see it in the picture.

This pair is Trekking XXL in browns/greens. It is the first pair of socks my dh requested.

May be his last....I asked him for his socks when I was about to wash a load of the hand knit socks. His reply...."Oh, I already washed them!" Thank God they are superwash wool. But I still would rather do them on a more gentle cycle.