Thursday, April 26, 2007

Favorite Socks - New Interweave Press Book

I bought this book at my favorite LYS where she's doing a sock a month from this book for the next six months (with the possibility of doing more after that).

This sock is on page 69....Meida's Socks.

It looks much prettier in a solid color but I had this yarn in my stash and thought I'd give it a try.

The lace pattern is really easy to read and do from memory. The box on page 70 describing how to do the Estonian Cables without a cable needle is well written. I did hold the bottom of the stitches that are let loose temporarily with my left thumb nail. This helped me to get the loose stitches back on the needle.

These socks are in limbo at the moment. I'm a little short on the yarn and not excited about this yarn with this pattern.

The next sock is the Two-Yarn Resoleable Sock on page 47. I've got my homework done and can't wait to see how to do the sole!


TM said...

I love your socks,,,,,,,,,See you at class,,Michele

Gauss said...

Hey. I have a question. What gauge are you getting for these socks, and do the socks fit? I started making them in a yarn at roughly 6 st / in (a little finer than the requested 11st / 2in) and the socks are coming out huge!

LotzaStitches said...

Good question...

I went and measured the gauge of the sock...but then remembered that the sock I was measuring was the next months sock (the one with the resoleable bottom).

Unfortunately I frogged the sock in question so I can't measure the gauge. But I was using size 1 bamboo needles with sock weight yarn. That usually puts my gauge around 8 st/inch. (The pattern called for sport weight but I like using thinner yarn so they fit better in my shoes.)

This sock fit my foot fine. I was a little worried that it would be too tight. But it wasn't. My foot is 8.5 inch around.

Hope those sketchy details help you out.