Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Knitted Lacy Round Dishcloth

This Knitted Lacy Round Dishcloth is a free pattern from Knitting Knonsense.

It is a fairly fast knit and looks beautiful.

I decided to use Euroflax Linen for this cloth so it wouldn't get too big. I knit this on size 3 needles. It's about 9 1/2" in diameter.

I did the kitchener stitch incorrectly. I used the reverse stockinette method on this cloth. But I've already made another cloth and used the garter stitch kitchener. (That link is a PDF download)

It really needed to be blocked. Here's a picture of it blocked on my 0000 needles:
Knitted Lacy Round Dishcloth

Blogger wouldn't download that picture (having hiccups or something) so this picture is downloaded from flickr. You can see a larger picture if you click on this and then the "all sizes" link above the flickr picture.


Marie N. said...

Thank you for showing how you used the wires!

Very nice work. I learn something new all the time...I didn't know there were varieties of the kitchener stitch. I'm gonna print off those instructions to keep in my file.

AmusedMomma said...

Beautiful! Not sure I'd want to use it as a dishcloth.

As a life-long crocheter, I appreciate seeing your knitting projects. Thanks for sharing them and photographing them so those of us of a visual nature can appreciate them.