Monday, December 10, 2007

Truly Tasha's Shawl

I was wanting to knit a Christmas present for someone to keep warm while she is surfing online or reading a book. I decided on the Truly Tasha's Shawl because it was a little heavier (although I didn't want it as dense...pattern recommended size 4/3.50mm needles), looked quick to knit, and I liked the lace edging (esp. turned to be a collar around the neck).

Next was the run to the yarn store (Dec 4th)...I wanted pink because the recipient looks very nice in pink. There was a pretty mauvy pink with brown that would have self striped but I decided on this brighter pink because I wanted a cheerier color to brighten the recipient's mood.

This is Cascade's Eco (478 yds/250 gms/8.75 oz). I used 10.5 (6.5mm) needles. I knit until it measured from tip to the top edge, allowing for the future border lace, the finished measurement...28". I maybe should have gone a bit more. The "across the top" measurement is a little smaller than 60" and the diagonal edge is the most off the mark. But I'm hoping that blocking will get those measurements more in the ballpark.

I made a second run to the yarn store on Dec 5th to pick up a second skein of yarn. I had knit about half of the first skein and it looked to me like it was going to be close. And this picture shows just how close it was. The little tail of yarn is all that is left of the first skein. I had about 6-7" left of the lace border to finish. And I finished off that little bit last night (Dec 9th)...right off my swift so I wouldn't have to wind the 478 yd skein. I probably have 468 yds left.

I neatly tied a few spots around the skein, retwisted and relabeled's all set to take back to my yarn store like it's never been used. LOL...just teasing you, Michele! I've already got plans for it for next Christmas...a possible cabled fingerless mitts/scarf combo...unless it calls out to be something else in the meantime. Although I really should get a head start for next Christmas!

Oh yeah! You'd probably like to see the whole shawl finished? Well...I'm not ready for that yet. I'll be washing and blocking it first...then a finished picture. So stay tuned!


Marie N. said...

Lovely, and congrats on getting it finished well in time for Christmas!

I would have chosen the solid color for a shawl too. Can't wait to see the big picture :-)

TM said...

you had me going there for a while! Truly beautiful work! Michele