Saturday, June 14, 2008


Here are a couple pictures of our house bunny named Buddy. He turned 5 this past May. He loves his hayloft.

Added June 18th:
This original post was made it a hurry to show the pictures to someone in particular. So here's a bit more about Buddy.

Buddy loves to come out of his cage. He can open the door himself (if it's not locked). He used to run and jump more but since our carpet has been removed most of the running and jumping occurs on the couch and throw rugs. He loves to lay on the throw rug by my chair (especially when I have the foot thingee's like a little fort). He only sits on your lap when the mood suits him. He will lay down when you start to pet him and get back up again when you stop.

Birds and bunnies...they have to be two of the messiest pets...but we do love them to pieces.


Lynda said...

Oh I wish I could have a bunny in the house! My family says that we can't get another animal until one passes away-four cats, two dogs, a canary and an aquarium. Plus chickens and ornamental pigeons outside. I suppose they are right??

Marie N. said...

He looks soft and cuddly. Does he permit petting? My mom had a bunny who did like to rest on her lap but was not especially fond of petting.