Friday, June 27, 2008

Charcoal Socks for Christmas


I cast on June 21st for the Summer of Socks (see previous post for links) with this Christmas present for my nephew. I'm zipping along. We will be seeing him on Sunday and I hope to have the sock to the point where the heel starts. Once I know it fits fine I'll cast on for the second one on another set of needles.

This is another Crazy Toes & Heels (see sidebar for link) sock to fit size 14 extra wide feet. (What did I get myself into!?) Gauge 10spi. Size 0 circular needles. Toe up. Aloha Cast on (9). Inc to 48 sts. Start gusset increases at Row 45.

The yarn is Pace. The color is Charcoal. I bought a TON of this charcoal when I did the socks for my dad and brother-in-law. Luckily that is the color that my nephew wanted as well. Wonder what color Nephew #2 will want??? I'll start his socks much closer to Christmas as his feet are still growing fast.

I bought the yarn from Loose Ends Yarn Shop before she moved down the street. This link will take you to the store owners blog for some new shop window pictures. Her new store is very nice! Even has a back porch if Knit Night wants to spill out into the out-of-doors on lovely evenings.

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