Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm still working on the Adamas Shawl but I've also been experimenting with the Calorimetry. My first attempt was ripped down before pictures were taken. It was too big. 120 stitches on size 7 needles with worsted weight yarn. It was very stretchy. This picture shows my second attempt. It was done with sock yarn, size 2 needles and 88 stitches. It was a wee bit tight but works ok for a headband for a small 9 yo.

This next picture is same yarn, same needles but 120 stitches. Worked row 5 until I had 10 markers on each side (not counting the first 2 sts on each side). The fit was good. I say "was" because the day after it was finished it was lost. I'm thinking it will turn up sooner or later. But until then a new yarn was picked to make a second one.

I've made two pictures?!? Plus I've got the replacement one made. I'm going to do some modeling shoots today.

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Marie N. said...

Oh rats! I know it is frustrating when things are lost like that. The headbands are very cute. I can imagine needing several different colors to go with different outfits.