Saturday, April 01, 2006

I got a couple more pairs of socks done. The one pictured here is for dd#3. It is done in Brown Sheep Wildfoote - Columbine. She wanted a pair of socks that matched her fingerless mitts. It has a 2x2 rib in the cuff, heel from the generic pattern, and flat toe decrease. 64 st. on #0 Addi turbo circulars. The cuff is 85 rows -- they are almost kneesocks. Every time I thought the cuff was long enough she'd try it on and pull it up higher on her leg. Nope, still more rows to knit!

She has an order in for another purple striped pair (entry Feb 24, 2006) as the first pair is getting too small. This time she wants a ribbed cuff to keep them from sliding down.

The other pair of socks that were completed were the Knitpicks-Essential in denim for dd#2. This time I made the foot long enough! She wears them constantly. I was hoping to snap a picture of them a few days ago. Unfortunately as soon as the dryer was done they were back on her feet. I am very glad she likes them so much! The only difference in how they were made was that I used the CT&H heel with the slip stitches under the heel also. You can sort of see the slipped stitches under the heel on the pictures of my socks (March 3, 2006 entry).

Also the itchiness of the Knitpicks-Essential must have disappeared in the wash as dd#3 is wearing her pair now...when she wears blue.

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Marie N. said...

Nice socks! I am about to start my first pair of socks that have ribbing for the whole leg. I'm glad yours are so appreciated.