Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What would a knitting blog be without a few dishcloths?

I won't bore you with all the dishcloths I've knit but here are a few special ones. The two lacy ones are my first lace knitting.

The bottom right one is done in the regular dishcloth cotton yarn (#6 needles:Inc. to 44 st). I used the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf pattern doing only the first and last triangle (alternate directions on that last triangle).

The bottom left one is done with Patons Grace 100% Mercerized Cotton (#3 needles:57 st). The Horseshoe Lace Washcloth pattern is from the book Knitter's Stash. Grace is thinner than the regular cotton dishcloth yarn but thicker than the crochet thread that I used for the top two.

The purple one above it is also from Knitter's Stash. The pattern is called Lacy Vine Washcloth(#3 needles:55 st). And yes, there is more than one mistake in the garter edge. When I get purling there is no stopping me sometimes. This one and the top green one are done in Royale Fashion Crochet Thread - size 3 - 100% Mercerized Cotton.

The top green one is the Dragon Scales Washcloth pattern (#3 needles:71 st). Again from Knitter's Stash. Theresa Gaffey supplied 8 linen washcloth patterns for the book and they are all lovely.

I do like using the the cloths knit with the smaller thread when I do dishes (no dishwasher here). They are so nice and thin. It makes the job almost enjoyable! I've actually come to not mind doing dishes thanks to's only a 15 minute job. And although I've fallen off her wagon she still has taught me many lessons that I still apply. Unfortunately knitting beats cleaning. Maybe if I'd make some sort of knitted something to help make the other jobs more enjoyable!

I took the picture upside down to avoid the shadows. Next time I'll just turn the dishcloths around too so I don't get sea sick looking at the picture. Hope y'all can't tell it's upside down. (I shouldn't have said that....done in my best Hagrid voice.)


Marie N. said...

Thank you for the inspiration! I have not attempted any lace item yet and it is intimidating to think of beginning with a garment, even a sock. But the dishcloths are a great idea. I'll need to put cotton yarn on my shopping list.

LotzaStitches said...

I'm working on a lace sock right now. I'm finding that if I'm not paying strict attention when doing the lace pattern that I end up having to tink usually 2.5 rows. It seems I like to leave out YO's...or put them in where they aren't suppose to be. I can see that lifelines would be essential for me if I ever do a large shawl!

Marie N. said...

Well, I bought some cotton worsted weight yarn. When I finish the socks I'm currently working on I'm looking forward to trying some lace. Thank you for the inspiration.

LotzaStitches said...

Have fun with it!

It's just amazing the different stitch patterns you can get with yarn and two sticks!

Nan said...

I love your idea of the thinner yarn and smaller needles. I make my dishcloths smaller than the pattern usually calls for (6" max) and many of the patterns don't have enough repeats...smaller needles mean more stitches and more repeats. Thanks for the "aha" moment for me!


Carol said...

mmmm...very nice! I'm going to have to try some finer yarn for cloths. It would make really special gifts.

Lynn said...

I've never thought of knitting with the Patons Glace but I can see how that would work well. The mercerized cotton absorbs ok?

And I've learned alot from FlyLady as well. I never could stick with her but I love the 15min of working. Set the timer and go. Once the timer rings, you can stop w/o guilt but most of the time I'm inspired to keep going. (most of the time!LOL)