Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fancy Silk Sock

Here's a picture of my first lace sock. The pattern is from Knitting Vintage Socks. I knit this in Koigu KPPPM (#P40226)...first time I've used this yarn. I followed the pattern except for the toe. It was too pointy for me so I redid it with a round toe decrease.

I used #1 bamboo DPNs. Killed my little fingers since I wanted them done for Easter. Even pulled a muscle in my hand doing one of the K2togs. But I got them done! Once church was over I got comfy in my jeans and new socks. Ahhhh!


Emma said...

They look great. And so comfy. Excellent job.

Marie N. said...

Very nice! I like the scalloped edging at the cuff. I bet they feel great.

Three Sisters Yarn said...

Wow! Great job, they are beautiful! That's awesome that you got them done in time for Easter. =)