Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Our Felted Bags

Here are some pictures of our felted bags. The one to the left was the first one made using the Felted "No Rules" Bag pattern with Noro Kureyon. It's the biggest size with a flat bottom.

The bag to the right was done with Koolaid dyed yarn. Same pattern except I decided to start at the bottom, did a rectangle and then picked up stitches around the rectangle and knit up to the top. This one reminds me of a sunset.

This last one was knit by dd#1 with Noro Kureyon doing the "No Rules" bag from the bottom up again. These last two are a bit smaller than the first. The handles have been sewn on since this picture was taken.


Marie N. said...

These look great! I like the sunset pattern too. You'll probably be glad for all the room in the big one. I sometimes wish I'd made my knitting bag bigger.

AR said...

Those are great! I made a felted bag with kool-aid yarn in 2004 that looks a lot like the blue and pink one!