Thursday, March 16, 2006

Here's what I did in October and November 2005 while our poor little Cockatiel was sick.

The arm warmers are just a 2x1 rib done on #2 bamboo dpns. The wrist area I switched to #1's so it would be a little snugger on the wrist. I didn't follow a pattern. But I did save my notes on these! There is a little hole for the thumbs to stick through but you can't see that. Yarns left to right: Brown Sheep Wildfoote-Columbine, Sisu in an Old Olive color (9072), Knitpicks Sock Essensials in denim.

The felted gloves are the Fiber Trends: Snow Country Felt Mittens pattern. I did some snow shoveling with the dark green pair and I was impressed with how toasty warm my hands were. I decided at that point to wash my hands with my wool mittens on that were just slightly too big. They felted a bit and are now much warmer than before. I don't have a picture of those...hmm.

Yarns listed counter-clockwise: Nature Wool in a tweedy dark green, Cascade 220 in purple, same in denim.

The original thought was that they could wear the arm warmers up their coat sleeves and then put the felted gloves over the tops of those. Didn't work that way. The arm warmer mitt part would roll when the glove was put on. The only way I could see to fix this would be to attach the mitts between the fingers and the girls didn't want to do that. So they are enjoyed separately.


Marie N. said...

A friend I met where my daughter goes to German school is knitting herself a pair of driving gloves right now. They look a lot like your arm warmers only with half fingers and a half thumb. I love the green especially.

What a great idea to wear them under a winter coat. I have a pair of long wristed store bought gloves that I love to wear for that added protection.

Could you lengthen the arm length over the wrist, keep the hole for the thumb and make the cuff at mid-finger (rather than the effort of separate fingers?) That might be enough to keep them in mittens without rolling.

I've enjoyed the few felting projects I have done. Maybe by fall I'll be ready to try mittens. I'll be making more slippers too. Soon I'll be receiving a large bundle of alpaca blend from Ebay. I'm not sure if it will felt or not due to the other fibers. I have plans for it either way.

LotzaStitches said...

That's a thought.

My oldest just wants me to pick up stitches on the inside of the felted mitten and knit a ribbed cuff. Or I could knit the cuff and sew it to the inside of the felted mitten. So many little time!

Favorite Apron said...

Want to join me in a knit along? See my blog.

I loved the Mrs. Beeton's wrist warmers in the latest, but am intimidated by the beads.

Designated Knitter said...

Hey, I just wanted to stop by and say hi! My friend The Rebellious Pastor's wife pointed out to me that there was a new knitter on Aardvark Alley! I'm Line Drive Down the Right Side - and I'm enjoying your web-site!!