Friday, July 11, 2008

On Other Blogs

On Drilling in ANWR......Do you know what ANWR is? Very interesting!

On the stupidity of the Clean Energy Act of 2007
Made in the USA....NOT! Watch this short video. Inconceivable!

On Follow up Visits. It hurts worse when you only have major medical insurance.

On the rising grocery bill....or is it lowering product content. Nothing new under the sun.

Sorry. Moving on to more pleasant things.

On the love of a pet....even a wild one! Another video but this one made me cry in a happy way not like the other video above. I want a lion hug!

On current events and topics discussed from a Lutheran perspective.....
Issues, Etc.: Christ-centered Cross-focused talk radio back on the air! Listen on your computer or download podcasts to your MP3 player.

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