Saturday, July 05, 2008

Latin Proverbs's another Latin proverb I'd like to remember...... and I know my blog can handle that job better than my brain!

Vigilo et spero.

This saying should be fairly easy to figure out even without any Latin classes. For the first word...think Mad Eye Moody's favorite phrase. My personal favorite! I always liked to shout that out when I was reading The Goblet of Fire aloud to the kids. They loved that...yeah, right. But I also explained to them the continued importance "in real life" of what Moody demands. Am I being cryptic enough!?! Okay...if you want to cheat and NOT read the book click here. Personally, I'd read the book! All seven!

The last word I connected with Spanish classes in the late 70's. If I'm remembering correctly (and it is VERY possible that I'm not!), this last word was part of my sister's name in her Spanish class.

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Anonymous said...

When I clicked on the link for the Latin translation, the only words which appeared were: "Not found".

I am sure that is *not* what they mean.

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