Friday, September 07, 2007

What happened to August?!?

This past summer had to be one of thee shortest summers yet.

My last post was dtd July 20th...well most of y'all know what happened on the 21st. Yep! We got our Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book from Amazon. AND it was Fish Days which meant I had to pretend to have fun out and about when I would have really rather been at home stuffed in the book world. I read a couple chapters that next Sunday. Monday was devoted to reading and I stayed up until 5am Tuesday to finish it. As expected it was certainly a book that I would NOT be able to read aloud to the kiddos. Too many tears throughout the whole book. Good thing the audio version arrived the day after my birthday. (Which also explains why I was so emotional after a bad haircut on my birthday....lack of sleep!)

We had a kagillion VBS meetings those last weeks of July as most of the helpers were not available for meetings after July 30th since we'd be away on the Higher Things youth group trip in North Carolina. We returned from that Aug 4th and VBS was Aug 6 through the 10th. I was elected craft person....never again...thank you very much!

Then throw in a few birthday parties (relatives and friends), a wedding reception, house and nephew sitting for 3 days while the older brother was transported to college and that was pretty much the whorl wind that most call August. There were a few other things that happened these past few weeks but I'm too ashamed to admit the depths of my procrastination.

One would think there wouldn't be much time for knitting and that would be partly true to some extent...but there are always those minutes in the day one can find to stitch a bit...and procrastinate some more....

Before the HT trip I kind of finished the cashmere scarf for myself...although it still isn't blocked yet. I'm debating on whether or not to add a smallish border on the very ends of it. I'll decide after it's blocked.

I'll just show the pictures of the rest of the projects OTN (on the needles):

The other time hole I fell into was Ravelry! My invite came when I was house/nephew sitting and all my pictures of projects were at home on my computer. It probably was a good thing though. I was able to browse to my hearts content without feeling that I should be uploading my projects. I've got most of my finished projects on it already. None of my stash. Yet. I'm loving being able to see other people's projects. You can see how well they liked the pattern, how it fits, what yarns look like knit up etc.

Thanks for the kick in the butt to post something...

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Lynda said...

Your Esti Sock looks wonderful! Excellent knitting...