Friday, September 28, 2007

Stranded Diagonal Potholder

Here's the inside of the potholder....
Isn't it purty!

Things I learned in this "little" experiment:

1. 42 stitches on each needle (2 circs - size 3) is not enough stitches. Finished size is 6.5" on the diagonal. Works nice to keep my arm of this nasty cold metal desk but for taking hot casserole dishes from the oven it would be useless.

2. Don't worry about the stockinette sts rolling. They will behave eventually.

I had done some garter rows to prevent the rolling. I don't like how that looks. If I had done more stripes of it in other places I wouldn't have minded. But this experiment was about doing color work not texture.

3. I chose to use the vertical straight lines in my colorwork to disguise the "jog". That worked for hiding the jog.....Except the lines don't line up...a jog may have been less noticeable. (I know there's a wrong stitch in there too...oh well...just a practice piece)

4. Next time try a smaller repeat.

5. Doing a stranded sweater with Cascade 220 (Wallaby leftovers) would be EXTREMELY warm!

NOTE: This post may not make sense on its own. Here's the previous "Potholder" post.

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Lynda said...

Wow! That looks wonderful. You have really got stranding down pat. Keep up the good work!