Friday, September 01, 2006

Absorba Rug

This is the Absorba Pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting (p. 82). The pattern called for 3 strands of Peaches & Cream Double Worsted. I used four strands of just the regular Sugar & Cream from the store. Two strands were constant: White and Ecru. The other two strands were changed each section. The choices for those strands were Jute, Country Sage Ombre, Citris Fruits, or Natural Ombre.

We're using this rug in the bedroom so we made it's 5.5 feet by 2 feet. I also crocheted an edge around it. We like it even though it's not knit as tight as the one in the Mason-Dixon book. Should have used 6 strands for that I guess....or ordered the double worsted yarn. Maybe some day I'll do a thick one for the bathroom.

Needle size used: Knit Picks' Options size 15 needles with 40"cable. Size 10 crochet hook for edge.


Marie N. said...

I'm glad you posted this, and the pattern source. This may be the route I go for a nice bath mat. But I have so much still on my list before I think of spending more on yarn :-)

Knitting Rose said...

I really like this - I am going to make the same rug - I just can't wait. I have to order the yarn because I have a very specific colorway in mind - but I am glad to see it knit and laid out - makes it easier to decide! Love the way your worked the colors - very interesting visual.