Friday, September 01, 2006

Two more dishcloths

I finished a bunch of projects this summer. I'm hoping to get the pictures up soon...hopefully this weekend.

Here are two more dishcloths.

This first one is Elfin Lace from Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns, Vol 1., p. 208.
I charted the pattern out with the keyboard which worked really great. I used size 3 needles with size 3 Crochet Thread (100% mercerized cotton). I did 5 rows of garter stitch after casting on (55 st.) and a 3 st. garter edge on each side. Then five repeats of the pattern (16 row repeat) plus one more row 1 before doing the 5 rows of garter stitch and binding off.

This next cloth used the Bumblebee Pattern from Barbara Walker's 3rd vol., p. 155. I used Cotton DK Freedom (50% off purchase) in a bumblebee yellow.

CO 56 st. 5 rows of garter stitch. 4 1/2 pattern repeats (12 row pattern) with 3 garter stitch border on sides (end after an odd row is completed). 5 rows of garter stitch. BO.

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