Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Two-Yarn Resoleable Socks....p. 47

This is the sock for May's sock class from the book Favorite Socks.

I tweaked a few things.....
1. The cuff is ribbed until about an inch before the heel flap.
2. The instep is 2 rows shorter.
3. I started the toe decreases right after the M1 round.
4. Once I got to 12 sts on each the instep needle and the heel needle I decreased every row to 8 sts. I then did the donkey ear trick and kitchenered shut.

All the toe tweaks I did after I had already knit the toe the way that pattern suggested. The sock was too long, and the toe too pointy so I ripped it out and redid the toe. Much happier with the way it turned out with the tweaks.

The yarn is Lambs Pride Superwash (100% wool...worsted weight). The colors are Charcoal Heather and Shane's Red. I also included a strand of red wooly nylon on the heel and sole. I used two circular needles...size 2's for the ribbing and size 3's for the rest of the sock.


Marie N. said...

I am addicted to knittng blogs. And every week it seems I learn about things I have never heard about before, such as re-soleable socks. That's the project for me! I wear out the soles so quickly. My list of "want-to-do" projects grows almost as quickly as I can read. I wonder, am I sane?
Thank you for referring to your source.

N. Maria said...

I, too, love a good knitting blog.
Your sock looks great and is very clever.
Elizabeth Zimmermann had a different version.
Good ideas!