Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rainbow at Dawn

A non-knitting post! *gasp*

My dh rises early...I don't...nor do the kids!

So when he went outside yesterday morning he witnessed this beauty in the western sky. He rushed back in the house for the camera. By then it started to sprinkle which are the white specks...I thought they looked like stars and a moon.

Almost makes me want to write a poem....

He says the picture doesn't really do it justice. He could see the full arc. It must have been amazing. Next time we've got rain expected about the time the sun rises -- I'll have to too.


Charity said...

WOW, That is just beautiful. Did he just hold the camera or set it on a tripod. Usually stars show up blurred.He must be a steading man.

Marie N. said...

Gasp! Just lovely -- I'm glad you got to see it too.

LotzaStitches said...

Charity, He just held the camera. The white specks are the raindrops reflected in the flash of the camera.

Marie N. said...

Thanks for the author/book recommendations. I plan to look for them at my library later today.

Marie N.

TM said...

What a beautiful photo,,,,,and sky. I guess some things are worth gettng uo early for!