Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mini Sweaters

I saw some cute little sweaters on the Loose Ends Christmas tree and was reminded of the pattern I had to make some for my family (5), my sister's family (4), my parents (2) and dh's work friends (15). It got a little carried away...especially since I started them in December. But it was so much fun using the different sock yarns I've got...some of which haven't become socks yet.

The finished measurements are 2" high and 1 3/4" for the body. Measuring tip of cuff to other cuff is 3 3/4". The ribbing was done on size 1 bamboo dpns and the rest was done on size 2's. I mistakenly used size 1's for a whole sweater and it really did make quite a difference in size. I gave that one away to a neighbor so can't measure it.

The pattern is here. It's the same site that has that cute bunny I posted about not long ago. The pattern is done in the round from the neck down. Once you get to the sleeves you do those flat. Then back to the body in the round. Sew up the sleeves weaving the yarn to take care of any underarm holes. It is a perfectly functional sweater if you had something that small you could dress! Done with different size needles with different size yarn you'd get a differet size sweater.

For the hangers...I bent some craft wire using a nail knitting board to form the bottom of the triangle. Did some twisting by hand and then with a smooth pliers to be sure the end was not pokey. Snipped the wire from the roll and formed the little hook over something roundish...the seam ripper handle was handy for that.

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lbquilts said...

Great little Christmas sweater ornaments! Thanks for the pattern. I might try them next year for family instead of buying ornaments! Good way to use up leftover sock yarn too!

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