Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Here are some pictures of Christmas ornaments we made for our local yarn store. Various businesses decorated indoor trees. The public was able to vote on their favorite trees. It was for some charity. Once the viewing was over the ornaments went back to the yarn store and were sold with the proceeds going to the local food pantry.

The Christmas tree and star were made by knitting a rectangular piece and felting it. After drying, I cut out the shapes. It was tough cutting...especially the tree. Ended up with a blister.

We then needle felted on the tree. On the star we sprayed a little glue and sprinkled with a really fine glitter.

I forget how many of each we made. A dozen or so of the tree and star, 3 or so pairs of socks and maybe 6 stockings. Something like that.

Even my dd got into the act by making about a dozen of these scrubbie ornaments. By putting together three different scrubbies it makes a cute little ball.

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