Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here's to New Beginnings

Primordia cuncta pavida sunt

This was the Latin phrase that came up on my blog this morning.

In English: All beginnings are frightening.

It comes from a longer line that translates into English as: "All beginnings are frightening, and fear is not dislodged by any other means except when the novelty is removed by unavoidable tasks."

This is the perfect quote as I switch where I'm working in a couple weeks.

The link above relates an Aesop Fable that supposedly demonstrates this idea and ends with:

"Every thing that is unexpected powerfully shakes the mind, but when it is seen again and again it usually causes little disturbance."

Reminds me of the saying: A lie told over and over again becomes the truth. I'll spare you that rant.

Back to the fable. . .

I was waiting for the lion to eat the fox. The fox was getting too bold for its own good. So I guess for me, the fable wasn't relating to the other Latin phrase quite the same. I saw the fable as "getting used to something that is dangerous isn't a good idea". Not that it was rendered that way in the end. I perhaps took it to that level all on my own being the timid creature that I am. Or I've read too much C.S. Lewis.

I had other thoughts on this but unfortunately was distracted by a cake complication. But it is solved. My sister to the rescue.

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