Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Twilight Moment

You know you've read too much Twilight when.......

You try to drink a Frosty (from Wendy’s) with a straw. You work and work to get the thick Frosty through the straw. You irritate the burned spot behind your front top teeth (from eating corn on the cob the night before).

You taste blood but continue to try to get the Frosty up the straw.

The Frosty is now about an inch and a half above the cover. You stop and access your lack of progress and see moisture in the straw near the top. You watch it roll down and meet the Frosty and realize that moisture is a drop of blood. You suddenly feel like Bella….drinking blood from a straw. You almost make your kids puke when you mention this as you are drinking it. LOL


Yes, that happened this past Saturday between the church and the reception of my cousin's daughter's wedding. We had a nice time at the wedding. I've forgotten how much fun I had as a kid at family weddings when we'd get to dance with cousins and other relatives we rarely got to see. It's my kid's turn to have that fun and we were almost fun suckers by leaving early. So glad my youngest cried to stay longer. Only wish I would have gotten out to dance. She said later she would have danced if I would have.

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