Saturday, May 02, 2009

Fitterknitter Blogged!

Thank you so much for blogging about my Pi Cloth pattern! You are the first to blog about one of the patterns that are for sale. I do appreciate the kind words.

I'm really glad to see that other knitters are enjoying the patterns and that the patterns are serving the purpose to which they were intended. Practicing skills on a smaller scale is not as intimidating as tackling a huge project with expensive yarns.

I do use these pretty cloths to give a little sparkle to my day when I'm doing the dishes by hand...which is every dishwasher here! But if someone feels these are too pretty to use they would make some plain Barbie very lovely when she wears her beautiful new shawl to accent her outfit.

Anyway....check out Fitterknitter's website and Yahoo Group and the pretty lace note cards.

She is working on rewritting and charting the book entitled The Art of Knitting which was published in 1897. What a project! I've got problems trying to read the written directions of current day British knitting patterns. All the different abbreviations for YO usually get muddled in my brain.


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