Monday, January 12, 2009


Okay...I've finally succumbed to reading Twilight. My two older girls devoured the books (all four! plus the draft mentioned below!) in the month of December and continued to beg me to begin.

I balked. I chose to read Dracula instead via DailyLit. I'm at about half way through that book. Just a little after the point where Dr. Van Helsing placed the garlic around Lucy and filled her room with it. (I thought I wasn't going to give any spoilers but.....Spoiler alert below in the quoted section!)

Someone had posted about Twilight and vampires and questioned what it was about the garlic. Another posted at that site that perhaps it is that garlic is good for our blood and that wouldn't be good for a vampire with evil intent (paraphrased).

Then today I read the first two chapters of Twilight and the first two Chapters of Midnight Sun (from Edward's point of view). It was the two chapters from Midnight Sun combined with the last lines I read today from Dracula that connected in my brain.
"Van Helsing did not go to bed at all. He went to and fro, as if patroling the house, and was never out of sight of the room where Lucy lay in her coffin, strewn with the wild garlic flowers, which sent through the odour of lily and rose, a heavy, overpowering smell into the night."

Ahhh...the "heavy, overpowering smell" of garlic....that's the thing about garlic!

Now go read chapters one and two of Midnight Sun. It is a pdf file at Stephenie Meyer's official blog link I gave you above.

p.s. The girls told me yesterday that the DVD of the movie is coming out March 21st. I didn't go see it either of the two times that they went. But I know that the books are always better than the movie!


madonnaearth said...

Nice to know I wasn't the only one sucked into reading the Twilight books. I have been 'forced' to order 3 and 4 to finish the series, because one of the ladies who 'forced' me to read them is still reading book three; the other lady has been so busy she forgets to bring them to work with her. Not going to pressure her to bring them. I finally ordered them this week from Amazon, and told lady #1 she owes me $20! lol

madonnaearth said...

I think the movie for book 1 is a pretty good representation.

I went and saw the movie before I read the book, which made me seem strange and way too mature to commiserate with the main character. I would have been running, whether it was effective or not, and staying as away from vampires as I could possibly get.

I then forced same lady #1 to go to the movie again. She'd already seen it twice by then.