Monday, October 13, 2008

Finished Projects

Here are the cloths off the blocking boards.

The first class went well. Second class is tomorrow.

Finished Christmas socks. Size 14 mens. Size 0 needles. Universal Yarn Pace in Charcoal.

Here are my notes for this project....

Jun 21st. Summer of Socks started FINALLY! Casting on this sock was like visiting with an old friend. Calm, relaxing and familiar.

KP size 0. Two circs. Aloha Cast on 9 sts.

Increase to 142,000 sts….not really. I just haven’t done the calculations yet. I know it will be more than 42 sts though. I’m at 31 sts (each needle) as of 8:45 pm.

June 23rd
Increase to 48 sts. per needle.

June 26th
Row 45 (~6.25”): Start gusset increases. At 20 sts add 1 st. At 21 sts start slip sts. End at 25 sts. Do 2 sets of non inc slip/plain rounds. Row 93: 9 7/8”.

Aug 2nd-5th
Turned heel to 11 sts. Begin new row count on instep needle after plain knit anti-hole trick on heel needle row (dec 1 st). Knit 20 rows on the cuff. Tried sock on recipient and it fits! Yea! (Total rows on cuff: 90)

August 16th
Cast on for second sock. WooHoo!

October 9th
Finished both socks. Just some ends to weave in and pictures to take. (still have to weave in the ends)

Yeah. So much for Summer of Socks. I got way more involved in Season of Lace this summer. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

Mystery project for Christmas. Shhh....

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