Monday, March 17, 2008

One sock done!

This sock is called Brigit. It is a pattern designed by Momma Monkey (Monkey Toes). The pattern is currently unavailable as Momma Monkey (Gigi Silva) has recently passed away. How very sad for such a young family. The Socktopia group on Ravelry is the group to watch for information of when (or if) Gigi's patterns will become available again.

Brigit is my Sock Knitters Anonymous (Ravelry link) February sockdown challenge. Good thing I have until the end of March to finish the mate. It also was my February memorial purple knitalong but I didn't make that deadline. oh well. I'm still enjoying the pattern.

Some tweaking of the pattern was done. I'll fill you in on the tweaks later.

Sorry for all the Raverly links. You need to sign up (and wait for an invite) before you can view those links. The sign up is FREE and the wait is MUCH shorter than it used to be. I waited a few months. I think the wait now is about a week.

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Marie N. said...

Beautiful! thanks for including the tutorial on the long-tail cast on in purl. I have read instructions that say to do it, but I never knew how.