Thursday, January 17, 2008

Knitting and Reading

There has been some talk on the KnitList about knitting while reading.

I use a nifty little book holder called The Book Gem if I'm reading a printed book while knitting.

If the book is on CD...then a CD player will do.

I've recently acquired a Sony MP3 player (dd#2's old one). Today Wendy (from the KnitList) shared a link for LibriVox. This site provides free audiobooks for works in the public domain. That looks like a great resource! I'll have to learn how to download the files....not today....I've already got a book on CD and several "real" books going at the moment.

Another fun way to get a daily dose of literature is Daily Lit. They email you a small portion of a book of your choice each day at the time of your choosing. You can also omit weekends if you like. Set your mouse to slowly scroll and grab your knitting.

NB....I don't always read while knitting. Sometimes the TV is going (I don't often get control of the remote) or I'm visiting with friends or knitting in public....or sometimes everything is quiet. That doesn't happen real often in this house.

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Marie N. said...

I'm impressed. I can't imagine reading while knitting. Audio books, now that is something to look into for me. Baseball games, a good movie, or silly sitcoms are my usual though.