Monday, May 28, 2007

Elfin Lace

You've seen this cloth before (or not). It's about 7 1/2" x 7 1/2", 55 sts, done in Mercerized Cotton. Other options for smaller dishcloth yarn would be the linen I spoke of in the other post I did today or Patons Grace (that's a little bit bigger than the mercerized cotton).

I didn't think I'd be adding so many cloths to this blog. But it is so much fun to chart them up and share them with others.

This charted pattern is a bit on the unconventional side. Hope it makes sense to those wishing to knit it. I've used it quite often...even for a lace cashmere scarf (I'm a little better than half way with that) so I know the pattern works. Y'all may just be a little taken aback with the way the repeat stitches line up...or *not* line up as the case may be! The chart is pretty and colorful...I mean.... it's pretty colorful.

This is the first pattern that I switched to using the knitting fonts available from Aire River. It works really slick and can't wait to do more charting with that font. I'm not entirely used to it yet but it looks *very* promising.

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Presbytera said...

I've never knitted anything from a chart before so I am going to give this a whirl. You're right, it is colorful! Thanks for posting it.