Thursday, May 31, 2007

Multidirectional Diagonal Dishcloth

Here is a cloth pattern made with the Sugar 'n Cream dishcloth cotton on size 6 or 7 needles. It is an adaptation of the Multidirectional Scarf pattern. This is a great way to get at little experience with short rows.

You can use any thickness of yarn for this cloth...just increase (or decrease) the number of stitches. I've also used Paton's Grace (varigated) with this pattern as well.


Pennie said...

i like this dishcloth . . . you have done a few pretty stitch dishclothes. Enjoyed reading your blog

Nan said...

I like this one...a change from the basic diagonal one I like to knit. I read your Knitlist comment about using smaller yarn for the cloths because your hands are small. I, too, have small hands. Had not thought of the smaller yarns...I simply have been knitting cloths that are 4-5" square and they are wonderful, thick but not bulky. Give them a try...quicker to knit, too.

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern but get confused when I try the second half of the second triangle. Can anyone tell me exactly what to do to complete the triangle? I get to the part where 22 stitches are in each needle. then I K1, K2together but then am lost. Do I do SSK and turn? Then do I add K1, K2 before the SSK like you do with the regular pattern? Help! I'm so close and yet so far away from understanding it:):) Thanks.